Who is he?

"Probably the most distinctive concert pianist of the newest generation."

"Such poetry and romanticism...stunning!"

"Formidable technique and musicianship."

Pan Yicheng Is Like No Other Pianist.

With a 13th interval hand-span on the piano, Pan is regarded as one of the most creative and distinctive pianists of the newest generation. Internationally acclaimed by his piano performances and recordings, huge range of repertoire and adventurous music activities. Having mastered an extensive repertoire of classical, romantic and contemporary works, he often appears in concerts in the UK and the European continent. 

No boundaries

Pan: "There's NO 'Contemporary Music'. All kinds of music we hear today - from Bach to Freddie Mercury - IS Contemporary Music. I play all kinds of music."

Apart from his appearances as a classical musician, Pan is often seen giving improvisational performances, as well as crossover and creative projects. His musical interests range far beyond his background as a classical piano virtuoso – from world folk music to piano improvisation; from pop music to electronic beats. He is also very keen in arranging music. He has arranged and performed many different genres of music for solo piano, in a way to connect the world through music. Those abilities also inspires the way he interprets classical music - it makes him consider the music from a composer's perspective. 

"The traditional and austere attitude towards classical music hasn't been changed for a century, while technology has greatly advanced,"

Pan said, "on one hand we keep the traditions but on the other hand, we have to stay creative. Why are classical music audiences old? We should aim to make classical music for everyone, and I'm working on that." 

A Journey in Music

Born in Beijing, Pan began to play the piano at age of 3 and showed his exceptional hearing ability at a very early age. 

At age of 10, he entered the Beijing Central Conservatory Pre-College and began his professional music training. At the same time he developed a strong interest in music philosophy, fine arts, music composition, conducting, and Organ playing. But it was not until he met one of his teacher, Pianist Petras Geniusas, in 2016, that he decided to be a concert pianist.

In the United Kingdom, Pan pursued his Bachelor (First Class Honour) and Master’s degree at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland(RCS) with a full scholarship from ABRSM and RCS Fund. Currently he is studying at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire for the flagship course “Advanced Professional Diploma”(UK Level 8 Doctoral).


His piano teachers have included BAO Huiqiao, LAI Yuanpei, Aaron Shorr, Petras Geniusas and John Thwaites.

Method of Work

Pan refuses to keep an acoustic piano in his place, instead, he keeps an high-end electric piano. Because he believes practicing many hours with an acoustic piano could spoil his inspiration and spontaneity. In order to accumulate his inspiration until the on-stage outburst, he created his own method of work - "Mind Studying." He takes detailed notes of what he is doing during each practice session, and employs a unique method that combines Buddhism Meditation and body awareness to fully concentrate himself into the music. 

Besides music, Pan loves cats, cuisine, fine arts and philosophy. He is also an advanced practitioner in traditional Buddhism Meditation.


2 CD Albums released:

"Chopin & Rachmaninoff - Piano Sonatas"

"The Seasons"

Distributed internationally in 2018 and 2019.

Now available on over 30 online streaming platforms/apps internationally,such as Apple Music, Google Music, Spotify, NetEase Music (网易云音乐)* etc.

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Pan Yicheng "Chopin & Rachmaninoff: Piano Sonatas"
Pan Yicheng "The Seasons"

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